How to build bigger Muscles? 11 New Tips with Pics [2019]

How to build bigger muscle fast

Better muscle ratio and size are equal to better strength and power.

The heavier weights tend to make you stronger and more powerful. When the muscles improve in size, they will be able to lift heavier weights in a better way.

How to build bigger muscle fast

Thus, strength is certainly equal to a good size- lifting proper weights can help you out to gain muscle mass naturally.

Majority of the people opt for muscle building via high rep isolation exercises until they have pumped and sore their muscles.

However, the possibility of it is very rare, as the human body cannot lift enough weights that have the potential to stimulate muscle growth.

The lifters, who already have the potential, can develop muscles by even performing isolation movements for example; flies and curls.

Natural lifters require compound types of exercises to gain muscles.

The normal users need exercises like Bench, Squat, OHPress, Deadlift, and Row.

Perform these moves and you will be able to gain up to 40 lbs-43 lbs of muscles but if you add the following tips, your results will get more authentic.

1. Protein Consumption

Before buying any ready-made food product, do check the labels to be sure how much calories you are already eating and just add 500 additional calories to this number.

Start consuming that number every day.

Your target should be adding 1 gram of protein for every pound of the body weight each day, as you are not likely to have enough protein in your diet.

2. Decrease the number of reps

decrease the number of repsThe rep range does have an impact on the muscle building.

Make it sure that you do not exceed 20 sets limit per muscle group. Something nearer to the range of 12 is even a better option.

You should keep your reps in the range of 6 to 12 in every set for most of the muscle size improvement and never exceed your workout sessions more than 45 minutes.

Rather use excess volume, utilize heavier weights and keep performing every rep with a maintained pace.

The sets should last between 40 to 70 seconds; less than this time and it is enough to challenge your muscles hard to push them into the growth phase.

3. Pay heed to split routines or total-body

If you are in a doubt that what you should opt body-part precise workouts or three routines of full-body.

Well, you are likely to get optimum results when either you do a complete body workout in a single session or focus only on the lower body in one single session and the upper body in another session.

No matter which set up you choose, there are benefits relevant to each setup.

However, both are much better than isolating single muscle group entirely in any given session.

Pay attention to the lifts that include a lot of muscles simultaneously, such as deadlifts; pull-ups; rows; squats; and presses.  

4. Reduce cardio

Have you ever pondered that how much cardio you can perform without muscle loss?

You are able to perform two days of treadmill jogging (light), but keep your every session around 30 minutes.

To reduce the fat content while leaving muscles, you would be able to do sprint intervals like running for a complete minute, back to a light jog for 2 minutes.

Do this running-jogging set for around 30 minutes and almost thrice in a week.

5. Do barbell first

Barbell Deadlift Mixed GripForget all the trendy types of equipment. The barbell is here to stay as a king!

Dumbbell-like a queen and everything else as a clown. We are not being harsh just telling you a fact.

Every equipment has its own place but they are not as cardinal as the barbell.

Hence, start your workouts with barbell moves, for instance, “big four” as it is mentioned in the next tip.

Furthermore, Barbells allow you to lift heavy weights and mind it, lifting heavy is the very first step toward your dream of getting stronger physique.

As soon as your heaviest strength exercises are out of the way, you will be able to move on to bodyweight training and dumbbell.

6. Go for big four

The deadlift, shoulder press, and squats are the super strength-building moves. The row and chin up are some super examples as well.

However, do not make these moves center point of your workout.

You may use them as the supporting lifts to complement the shoulder press and bench, keeping your pressing muscles in check with the pulling ones.

7. Keep it free of complexity

There are trainers who ask their clients to lift with a specific rep pace. For example 3 seconds up and around one second down.

That is awesome for lifters who are already on advanced level.

However, it is not very effective for the beginners. Remember, if you have just started, you will not need to go for anything just counting the reps will be enough during the sets.

Simply just pay attention to increasing and decreasing your weights in a regulated manner, take a pause for one-second count at the top of the lift.

Additionally, keeping an irregular tempo is likely to lessen the tension on the muscle area or push you to utilize a variety of weights. It tends to slow down the overall progress level.

Therefore, you can only be certain about your progress if your loads are continuously increasing.

8. Sleep…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost every bodybuilder constantly looks for the new and influential techniques to build bigger muscles.

The advanced products, new training regimens, a retable diet. Great, as each of these factors is important, but something that outweighs them all is SLEEP. Yes, S-L-E-E-P, nothing can replace the importance of this 5 letter word.

The ideal training session, appropriate diet, and other relevant variants will not be able to compensate for a non-sufficient rest period and indirectly sleep.

Even though when everything is in the right order, the sleeping pattern is not appropriate; trust us you are bound to fail.

Furthermore, during the Sleeping period, human growth hormone is generated and synthesis of protein takes place.

9. Stretching

Benefits of Passive StretchingWhen you think about building bigger muscles, stretching and its importance may not have come across your head.

However, it is quite crucial.

All the muscles in the human body are actually packed in a quite strong connective tissue- named Fascia. Fascia is quite vital for keeping the muscles in their appropriate place.

However, muscle fascia is likely to be an obstacle in the way of proper muscular growth. We are justified to say it so because fascia is quite tough and it does not allow the muscles to grow at their optimum level freely.

The best example of fascia is the muscles of calf where most of the bodybuilders face the difficulty.

Well, stretching the muscles in the precise conditions have an impact, you can actually stretch fascia muscles and give the other muscles an opportunity to grow in a better size.

The main point regarding stretching of fascial muscle is the pump.

When your muscles are full of blood or pumped, it will actually be the best time to perform some stretching to expand the area of fascia muscles.

10. Eat the meals frequently

If you train hard and you are active, you will likely to be burning each day a lot of calories.

It is actually quite tough to take enough food that can provide you clean food items that can substitute all the amount of energy you have utilized in the gym and in just three meals, you cannot get it back all.

Therefore, it is a common observation that bodybuilders of all types- take around 5 to 8 meals each day to aid mass development of muscles.

It does not mean that they skip main meals, they do eat breakfast; lunch and dinner but they actually tend to consume two to five snacks that have high-protein in them.

If you are someone who is also after the bigger muscles, it does make sense to consume multiple meals; not just main three meals.

In short, never keep yourself hungry; take something every two to three hours.

11. Use a reliable remedy

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