Oxymetholone: The Shocking Truth About Anadrol [2019]

The growing industry of supplements doesn’t seem to be stop at any place.

This drags the new and habitual consumers in confusion which might end up in people choosing wrong products for themselves.

Oxymetholone tablets

This mistake can make scenarios worse, there are consumer told tales about bad effects when a wrong supplement is taken there are few who are left terrified for their whole life because of incautious use and unmindful behavior towards selecting the right supplements.

But, not much to worry if you go through products review before starting it and take good care of precautions before, during and after its use there are nearly no chance of side effects but surely a greater benefit will be taken by it.

Here’s a review on a supplement with complete description from ‘what it is’? To ‘where to buy it’?

The supplement is known as oxymetholone.

What is Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone is a synthetic hormone which mimic as testosterones. Oxymetholone acts as a potent anabolic steroid and is used for this purpose widely among mass builders.

Oxymetholone is also considered as a high standard steroid among users.

Initially it was developed as a treatment for different diseases like muscle wasting diseases and anemia. This pharmaceutical use of oxymetholone indicates that its use is safer than other supplements which don’t have any medicinal use.

Oxymetholone is also recommended to be used in combination with other supplements as it not only work itself but also enhances the working of other supplements.

How oxymetholone works?

Oxymetholone is ideal for mass gain and stamina development.

oxymetholone results
oxymetholone bodybuilding results

The users reported a drastic change in weight gain when combine oxymetholone with a healthy diet plan.

But to fully avail the ability of oxymetholone to increase muscle mass a calorie rich diet is needed in absence of good amount of calories following results aren’t likely to be shown.

Strength and stamina increase is a lesser shown trait of oxymetholone and when use in repeated cycles one can get such benefit with oxymetholone.

Oxymetholone increases the liver enzymes exceptionally which is thought to be the reason for instant build up of mass and good blood cell count.

Oxymetholone is best for impatient trainers and for people who want to increase their size for a body building show or something in a lesser time.

Oxymetholone Cycle

Oxymetholone cycles are different and designed by individuals or trainers on the basis of their goals, requirements and user as well.

For beginners the cycle duration for oxymetholone is lesser in first cycle.

Cycle 1:

Duration of cycle is 12 weeks.

  • Oxymetholone: 50 mg daily for 4 weeks of start.
  • Testosterone: 500 mg weekly for 12 weeks.

Oxymetholone kicks the mass build up and then it is further facilitated with testosterones.

The use of testosterones is continued for several more weeks as a post cycle therapy to treat the low production of testosterones.

This cycle is recommended for new users and as off season cycle for athletes and mass builders.

Cycle 2:

Duration of cycle is 18 weeks

  • Oxymetholone: 50 mg per day for 6 starting six weeks. Drop its use for next 6 weeks then again start with the same dose for week 13, 14, 15 and 16.
  • The combination of other supplements is as per your choice and requirements.

Professionals and strict trainers usually decide their cycles on their own needs and suitability.

This cycle is for professionals and re-use of oxymetholone in end weeks results in a good body appearance.

Few people also use oxymetholone In cutting cycles as well. Oxymetholone helps in weight loss combined with different supplements.

Oxymetholone Dosages

The dosage management is a real critical point when starting with a supplement.

dosages of oxymetholone

In other supplements the dosages from start till end of cycle changes a lot which makes it difficult for users to follow it properly this effect the end results eventually.

But in case of oxymetholone the dose management is quite easy and tablets of oxymetholone are available in a highly recommended standard dose which is 50 mg per day.

Beginners sometimes start with much lower doses like 25 – 50 mg and if this dose is tolerated they increase the intake. But high doses of oxymetholone aren’t recommended it will increase the chance of potential side effects.

In most anabolics the higher the doses the higher the gain is but not in this case.

High doses of oxymetholone increases the chance of side effects more instead of more benefit.


Oxymetholone when taken in excessive doses will only generate negative impacts and decrease the positive effects.

The dose of 50 mg is standardized dose but it increase by habitual users up to 75mg – 100 mg. this much high doses aren’t require in case of oxymetholone, this much amount of oxymetholone in a day is harsh for body and liver as well

Professional users can handle doses up to 100 mg. but it’s not easy for everyone to manage this much high dose.

High doses are reported for causing loss of appetite and other side effects like; high blood pressure and high risk of gynecomastia.

Finishing Doses

Many professionals and athletes use oxymetholone in end weeks of their cycles. To add up some extra mass for good and fuller looks.

But this comes with a responsibility as water retention in use of oxymetholone is really high if you have used oxymetholone earlier and can ditch the water retention better than you can use it in end weeks of your cycles.

The dose use in this phase are usually low in between 25mg – 50 mg. more than this amount isn’t required for the build up phase in end cycle. High doses in this phase are usually problematic.

Oxymetholone Results

Oxymetholone is a great supplement and its results are outrageous.

A lot positive feedbacks are received by consumers and they consider oxymetholone a ultimate mass build up solution as well.

1. Stamina: Oxymetholone increase stamina and let you dig in for some hours at your training and work out.

2. Weight gain: A sudden weight gain is achieved by use of oxymetholone which gives you impressive and fuller looks.

Some consumers are much satisfied that they consider the side effects of oxymetholone over exaggerated.

Oxymetholone Side Effects

On the off chance that it’s so powerful in building muscle, why is it prohibited in many circles and nations?

side effects of oxymetholone

The essential explanation behind this is its reactions can be very hazardous for your wellbeing.

The primary peril is to your liver. With an excessive amount of Oxymetholone your liver (and in addition your spleen) can have blood-filled pimples.

This can prompt genuine inward draining or to liver disappointment. This issue is the reason you have to ensure that you don’t utilize oxymetholone with different steroids that likewise harm the liver.

This steroid additionally expands your LDL (“very bad”) cholesterol while it diminishes your HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels.

This change in body fat levels can result in coronary illness and atherosclerosis. Oxymetholone can also hurdle in natural testosterone formation. You will then need to adjust for that with testosterone shots.

Other prominent side effects include:

1. Water retention:

This is really a famous reaction, and the water development can cause many issues with blood pressure and severe back pains top the list of those.

2. Gynecomastia:

This is the point at which you create bigger bosoms. This is because of the disturbance in testosterones and estrogen levels in body.

Oxymetholone decreases the production of testosterone and end product of oxymetholone is estradiol, high concentration of it can cause gynecomastia.

3. Skin break out:

This isn’t so normal, however it’s been known to happen and reaction to this side effect varies from person to person.

4. Breathing troubles:

This won’t simply block your preparation, however will influence your general day by day life.

5. Hypertension:

While this can be stayed away from with the utilization of the aromatase inhibitor, but if you already have hypertension issues then its recommended for you to stay away from oxymetholone..

How to purchase Oxymetholone online?

Likewise with steroid you buy it’s completely fundamental that you secure your Oxymetholone from a reasonable source offering you the best quality item at the best cost.

There are many “cattle rustler” locales in presence that don’t have either your security or aggregate fulfillment at the top of the priority list.

Anadrole review by Randy Smith

There are webs which offer different discounts like buy one get one free.

Look for reputed online webs for buying oxymetholone and try not to arrange Oxymetholone anyplace else,you need to make certain that you’re getting the best item for your cash – put your security and fulfillment first by shopping with the best without fail.

There are webs which offer different discounts like buy one get one free

Is oxymetholone legal?

Oxymetholone is primarily used as a medicine this makes it safe to use. But anything used improperly and excessively will end up in hazards instead of advantages.

In end oxymetholone is a good supplement and can be a good kick start to start your mass build up training.

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